Welcome, this website not only serves as a collection of the work completed by John Lucas to date but to inspire the next generation to follow their passions no matter the field.

John has dedicated his life to pursuit of exploration in the fields of conservation and education. In 2011 his passion, vision and dreams resulting in the founding of explore4knowledge an environmental education based organisation that together with his partners and sponsors has educated over 15 000 students at a grassroots level between 2013-2015. This mobile classroom model has grown and together with his environmental research projects John also managed unique educational expeditions across Southern Africa aimed at promoting the plight of critical ecosystems, endangered species and the effects of Climate Change.

John’s work in his field has been highlighted both nationally and internationally through Awards, Fellowships and Ambassadorships to some of the most prestigious Exploration Institutes and Global Conservation bodies internationally.

This is just the beginning of what is too come and he invites you all to join him through his various projects, expedition, educational camps and initiatives.

About John

Personal and Organisational Achievements To Date

Award's since 2011
Students Educated 2013-15
Expeditions Managed since 2013
Personal Years Dedicated since 2006


Though designing and managing award winning environmental education programs and expeditions has kept me busy over the past few years, my field of study is Conservation Management and Scientific Research. Over the years I have work with various conservation bodies and research teams across Southern Africa and the Sub-Antarctic, as well as a part time lecturer in the field of conservation philosophy, tourism and field guiding.
In addition to this I manage educational workshops and have had the privilege of being a guest speaker and key note at various school events, corporate meetings and faculty evenings.
I have also assisted start up NGO's and expedition teams with advise around expedition gear, branding, social media, approaching sponsors and managing their projects. Some of these have been trans africa expeditions as well as summit attempts Everest among other expeditions.
I look forward to working with you and your team.

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Educational Expeditions

Born from our syllabus based environmental education workshops the Educational Expedition division of my work focuses on hosting Primary School | High School | University Scholars | Corporates | Home School Groups | Private Groups on once in a life time educational camps and expeditions across Southern Africa. These 4-15 day projects not only aim to teach participants hard and soft skills around outdoor living, but too also make them aware of conservation projects and initiatives happening within our country.
Though attending one of our camps and expeditions participants will become part of ongoing scientific research projects, partake in data collecting and return home not only with knowledge but also skill sets too manage micro projects on their own.
We look forward to hosting you on one of our Educational Expeditions or working along side you to customise a Expedition for you.

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What started at the age of 7, as a child like fascination with a old "point and shoot" film camera has grown in leaps and bounds.
From learning too shoot with my father Canon A1 35mm in the Kruger National Park, to exploring Southern Africa and the Sub-Antarctic with my Canon DSLR my love for capturing the moment has lead me to inspiring others too do so as well.
Through talks and workshops with my photographic partners Orms Pro Photo and Canon to name a few I have been privileged to share the "Joy of Amateur Photography" with many.
I also enjoy capturing Wildlife, Landscape and Expedition Photography and have had the privilege off shooting for some lodges, conservation organisations and NGO's across Africa.

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explore4knowledge® is an award winning environmental education organisation founded and designed by John Lucas.
Established officially in 2011, explore4knowledge aims to promote Education Through Adventure® through the use of syllabus based workshops, camps, expeditions and learning experiences.
To date explore4knowledge® has addressed over 15 000 students through its mobile classroom based educational program, promoting education in the field of Science, Biology and Geography at a grassroots level among educators and learners alike.
With our the assistance of dedicated partners and sponsors non of this work would be possible.

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