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John Lucas  

About Me:

John Lucas is a multi-award winning environmentalist, explorer, corporate and environmental brand ambassador and member of the Explorers Club and Royal Geographic Society who specializes in innovative thinking and multi-disciplinary campaign design. Through networking and the use of educational and research based outcomes his companies not only apply a multi-disciplinary approach to creating awareness, but also to host individuals, communities, learners and tour groups in the field. John uses his passion and work to highlight critical environmental issues both through main stream media as well as within learners, the scientific and local communities. In addition to being creating bespoke brand based activations for clients, with an environmental learning element included in all experiences.

My Brands:

> explore4knowledge – NPC/PBO
> J Lucas Consulting
> Educational Expeditions – Eco-Tourism, Bespoke Travel, Brand & Client Interactions
> PinMediaSA – Production Company


Since 2011 explore4knowledge® has reached over 100 000 learners and educators through its multi-award winning workshops, mobile classrooms, camps, and expeditions. These do not only promote an innovative and holistic approach to syllabus-based learning, but have become a benchmark in promoting the pursuit of exploration in the fields of Geography, Biology, and Science.
As an organization, we have worked closely with community leaders and educators, not only addressing specific needs in rural and urban classrooms, but also focusing on needs within the curriculum as well as on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across all aspects of the organization. Through partnering with industry leaders, corporate sponsors, and private donors we have been able to make use of various citizen science tools, technologies, and innovative thinking, while remaining true to our core mission of promoting Education Through Adventure® through the various pillars of the organization.
In addition to implementing various campaigns and expeditions, we work with local tertiary institutions providing students with experiential learning opportunities and volunteer positions across our programs.
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J Lucas Consulting: 

Over the years John has not only worked with various corporate brands, environmental organizations and individuals, but established the acclaimed environmental non for profit explore4knowledge® and environmental learning vacation business Educational Expeditions™. In addition to proving himself as an innovative multi award winning environmentalist, specialising in multi-disciplinary syllabus and outcomes based holistic learning, in his personal capacity he has designed Environmental Education Campaigns, Activations, Awareness Project and Expeditions all aimed at social upliftment, community education, changing mindsets and promoting environmental crisis. Of his other work includes consulting to brands on product design, content development as well as designing product launches and brand based customer interaction. These turn key products are all managed through in-house through his various businesses.

Educational Expeditions: 

With its core function as a specialist expedition logistics company and its core value being to provide both adults and children alike with the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a unique and personal manner, the Educational Expeditions™ team has been able to manage campaigns for schools, communities and NGO’s as well as brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and WWF among others. From turn key product design and implementation to exclusive access to location, celebrity chefs and world renowned specialist we ensure every experience is one you will never forget.
Through modeling our packages on the expeditions and campaigns designed for and managed by explore4knowledge® we have been able to implementa perfect balance between discovery, luxury and educating participants about their surroundings. Our Day Activations, School Camps, Mini Expedition and Expeditions are all available for Local and Inbound School Groups or individuals. Be it paddling a river from source to sea, driving 4×4 vehicles within a forgotten wilderness, collecting scientific data alongside experts, visiting our filed sites, learning about medicinal plants or tracking lions in the Kalahari we ensure it will be like nothing you have experienced before.
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PinMediaSA operates as a turn key production and visual media company working on various projects including corporate identity, brand related content, lodges, travel and tourism as well as environmental and expedition based documentaries. We are also proud to exclusively produces content for explore4knowledge® and Educational Expeditions™. Our services range from conception-production-presentation, with out hesitation. From the story board to using the latest visual, aerial, underwater and auditory equipment, to managing logistics and locations scouting we are able to suit every clients needs and budget.
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Mobile Classroom: 

The Mobile Classroom, is a concept designed by John Lucas and utilizes cutting edge technology to assist learners and educators with classroom based short falls within the STEM classroom based outcomes, as well as managing holistic and syllabus based learning experiences around biology, science and geography. These vehicles or our team can be booked for events or educational activations.

Of Our Clients To Date:

In Closing:

John Lucas™, explore4knowledge® and J Lucas Holdings™ have been privileged in being able to work with various corporates, organisations and individuals on a local and global scale, we look forward to hosting you in unique locations.
We have been able to set a bench mark in luxury learners experiences, environmental education and innovative thinking all the while remaining true to our core values, company culture and team spirit. We look forward to hosting you on our experiences, developing bespoke brand content for your business and if you are considering supporting our non for profit work, we thank you for your donation and consideration.