“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours” Bach

Over the past few years John Lucas founder of explore4knowledge, e4k – Education Through Adventure has been honoured by receiving awards for his work completed in the field of science and conservation in Southern Africa, for his innovative approach to merge scientific research, environmental education and capacity building projects.

“The intention with explore4knowledge was never to set out to win awards, or to make a name for myself and the organisation. Instead it was to fully and whole heartedly follow my passions with all I had. More often than not encountering hardships, failure and disappointment. By developing and expanding existing conservation concepts, taking the time to listen to others needs, consider their position and daring to be innovative in a strict scientific environment I believe explore4knowledge, e4k – Education Through Adventure has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of many. I would like to thank everyone for their nominations, encouragement, support and faith in the work being done as well as always welcoming Talita and I too your award ceremonies, it is a honour to share these events with my life partner” John Lucas

Eco-Logic Awards: WATER Category 2015

For his projects such as the #e4kWaterWarrior project among others managed through explore4knowledge, John Lucas was listed among the top 10 in South Africa for the Eco-Logic Water Conservation Award 2015.
The top 5 include Water Conservation Section – City of Cape Town, DWS/Eco-Schools Water Project – WESSA, Enviro Loo – Enviro Options (Pty) Ltd, Woolworths Water Stewardship – Woolworths Holdings Ltd, WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme – WWF with XXXXXX winning the Eco-Logic Award for 2015.

Eco-Logic Award

Fellow – Royal Geographic Society

Founded in 1830 under the name Geographical Society of London as an institution to promote the ‘advancement of geographical science’, under the patronage of King William IV it later became known as The Royal Geographical Society (RGS) and was granted its Royal Charter under Queen Victoria in 1859.

To date of its members have included Charles Darwin, David Livingstone, Henry Morton Stanley, Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary and modern day explorer Kingsley Holgate. In January 2016, John Lucas was awarded Fellowship Membership to the RGS based on his work in the field of conservation, science and social upliftment through environmental education and educational expeditions around biology, science and geography.


The Explorers Club

For the past 111 years members of The Explorers Club have dedicated themselves to the advancement of field research, scientific exploration, resource conservation and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore.
Of their members have included Sir Edmund Hillary (first Everest summit), Niel Armstrong (first man on the moon) and Thor Heyerdahl (Kon-Tiki expedition).
The clubs mission is to inspire exploration and the protection of wild places, from our backwoods to our oceans, mountain peaks and distant galaxies – while sustaining a spirit of fellowship among explorers and the scientific community. 
John is not only honored to be invited to become a member of such a prestigious club, but continues to managed his unique environmental research and social upliftment expeditions alongside his major partners and sponsors.


Presidents Award – Gold Shield 2015

Based around the philosophy of, “Empowered youth can make informed choices and are less likely to compromise their future” the Award Programme has proven itself to be a powerful developmental tool for young people. The core of the Programme is based on self-development. Through addressing vital issues such as health, political and social life, as well as the environment the Award has empowered youth to believing that they can turn their dreams into realities. The program focuses around four development tasks or pillars namely, skill development, physical recreation, community service and the adventurous journey.
John Lucas was awarded his Gold Shield for his personal achievements in the various skill fields of the Presidents Award, as well as his contribution to society through the development of over 15 000 students to date through explore4knowledge.

Presidents Award

NSTF BHP Billiton Awards for Science 2015

The NSTF BHP Billiton Awards which are arguably the most prestigious awards for science in South Africa .
John Lucas was selected as a finalist for the category “developing outreach and communication in the field of science” – for the projects managed through explore4knowledge promoting Education Through Adventure
John came was listed as one of the top 5 in South Africa for this category, it was an amazing privileged to be listed among the leading scientists, conservationists and inverters in our country. Thank you.

NSTF Awards

SANParks Kudu Award – Individual Contribution to Conservation 2014

John Lucas Founder of explore4knowledge has won the prestigious SANParks Kudu Award for the individual contribution to conservation in South Africa Category. John not only was the only individual not representing a larger organisation for this award but he was among the youngest to receive it to date.To John Lucas, “In recognition of your passion about natural resources and innovation in establishing ‘explore4knowledge’ project which aim to uplift the youth through environmental education.”

Kudu Award

Eco-Logic Awards: Eco-Youth Category 2014

John Lucas Founder of explore4knowledge wins the 2014, Enviropaedia, Eco-Logic Awards: Eco-Youth Category for individual younger the 25 years of age.The Judges noted that “John Lucas shows a deep understanding of the need for individuals to not only take personal responsibility for environmental protection and education, but through collective learning, to empower communities to become change agents themselves. “Says David Parry-Davis, Publishing Editor of The Enviropaedia and co-host of the Eco-Logic Awards, “The principles of Eco-Logic and the eco-logic awards event are designed to introduce a new approach to addressing our current environmental challenges . The old ways have not been working well enough – so it is time to address these challenges differently. We have created the world as it is today and we can therefore create a better world tomorrow. But it is up to each one of us to play our part. I am deeply grateful to each of these winners , for being the leaders and showing us the way forward to creating this better more eco-logical world.”

Eco-Logic Award

WWF South Africa – Ambassador

Over the years John Lucas has been able to work with conservation based organisations and scientific teams, who are not only innovators in their fields but are also global trend setters in saving our planet.
One such organisation is the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
John is not only a proud networking partner to WWF South Africa through explore4knowledge, but is also a proud Ambassador to their various initiates managed across South Africa.
The Campaigns Include:
– WWF Journey Of Water


Springbok Scout Award 2006

If the aim of schooling is to provide you with knowledge and a education, I then truly believe BP was correct in stating that Scouting would provide you with the ability to “Be Prepared”.
Many parents ask if it is worth the time and effort to partake in the Scouting movement, my honest answer is that you take out of it what you put in.
There are many Springbok Scouts in the world, all have achieved a similar standard but not all will have the same story too tell at the end of it.
I thank everyone that was involved with my Cub and Scouting career from 1996-2006 you all taught me scouting and people skills I use daily, remember both the positive and negative in life teach you something.

Scouting South Africa