“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Explore4Knowledge aims to be a platform for youth to be able to be inspired not only to follow their dreams but also to expose them to various regions of our beautiful country, the world and highlight the importance of on-going environmental issues through various means of interactive medium.

John Lucas has been managing conservation and educational based projects since 2006, in 2011 he officially founded explore4knowledge® through which he has been managing award winning citizen science, syllabus based environmental education campaigns, projects and expeditions promoting the plight of fresh water and critical resources. To date these self-funded, sponsor supported projects have been able to personally interacted with over 15 000 (yr. 2013-2015) students and numerous educators at a grassroots level along the South African West Coast and within the Olifants River Basin. These projects aim to use adventure and scientific exploration to address educational shortcomings inspiring future generation to conserve natural resources and assist educators in with resources, educational materials and interactive workshops in science, biology (life science) and geography while promoting the need for communication and outreach programs around Fresh Water and Critical Resources.

These field based mobile classroom and educational workshops managed at schools and at campsites not only provide students with a one of a kind learning opportunity, but for many are the first time they ever interact with science, maps, campsites, rivers or just leave their homes. In addition to the current mobile project educational and research projects managed through e4k®, the vision for 2016 – 2020 is to develop field based educational facilities and a world first educational facility by 2020 based around climate change, critical resources and inspiring the next generation through scientific exploration and adventure. 

Thank you for joining us as we at Explore4Knowledge aim to promote Education Through Adventure.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide


Stared in 2006 by John Lucas as a self-funded mobile classroom based programs aimed at assisting learners and educators was recognised in 2011 by the Pick n Pay School Club initiative and a educational partnership was formed. Resulting in explore4knowledge® educating over 15 000 students between 2013-2015 and work with numerous educators through our syllabus based workshops, activations, camps and other interactions.

Focusing mainly on biology (life science), science and geography we have not only been able to assist educators at community based schools with teaching materials, but also address various critical ecosystem based issues at a grassroots level pertaining particularly to fresh water. Resulting in many schools adopting rivers, using miniSASS and cleaning up their immediate surroundings.


Annually explore4knowledge® alongside our partners and sponsors manage unique, first of their kind environmental education and capacity building projects and expeditions, aimed at highlighting the plight of critical resources, endangered species and climate change through education, research and uplifting local communities.

These projects not only aim to make conservation and science relevant but also enable us to take students into the field or meet with schools along our expedition routes. These projects and expeditions form part of the original design of explore4knowledge® and ensure we live up to our mission of promoting Education Through Adventure®

Student Development

Not only does explore4knowledge® focus on taking science, education and adventure into the field but we also focus on keeping in close at heart. Together with Universities and various other institutions explore4knowledge® has been hosting student interns from various departments including Science, Conservation, Education, PR & Marketing, Photography and Film and Media on our projects and expeditions. Providing a wide variety of students and volunteers with credible references and field work experience.

explore4knowledge® is also in the process of opening a national and international volunteers program.


Over the years explore4knowledge® has been able to form partnerships with conservation organisations, NGO’s, private reserves and private land owners. Together we have been able to host and manage ground breaking projects promoting the plight of conservation projects, critical resources and climate change.

John Lucas’s vision for explore4knowledge® is to develop multiple world first, green and sustainable educational facilities aimed at promoting Education Through Adventure® in addition to our main educational facility which forms part of our “Vision 2020” collection.

Support Our Work

Over the years it has been a privilege to meet world leaders in business, conservation and innovation. Through these interactions many partnerships have formed and support has been added to our cause.
“I thank every volunteer, donation (private and business), partner, sponsor and mentor for your time and wisdom. With out you my dream and vision for explore4knowledge® and its future would not of been possible” -John Lucas

Please do not hesitate to contact us to support our work in the field.

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