John Lucas

John Lucas

  • Founder of Explore4Knowledge
  • Owner Educational Expeditions
  • Consultant
  • Environmental Project Manager
  • Fellow Royal Geographic Society
  • Member The Explorers Club Int.
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Networking Partner
  • NDip: Nat. Con.; BTech: Nat. Con.; MTech: Eco.Tox.

About Me

I have been asked numerous times why conservation, I grew up in a business orientated family with share prices, market growth and finances discussed around the dinner table. So why conservation… To be completely honest with you I can not answer that question, I am told that at the age of 7 I walked into the kitchen after school one afternoon and informed my parents that I want to be a game ranger and look after animals. I guess like all children wanting to be fire fighters, policemen and doctors my parents supported me in my then career choice not realising that I had indeed made a choice that would guide my thoughts and dreams for the rest of my life.

Since the first night spent in my small A-Frame tent as a boy with my father in our garden, to the weeks spent in the Kruger National Park with the School Conservation Club and climbing in the Drakensberg with my Scout Troop I had found a freedom in the ever dwindling beauty of nature and my passion was kindled into a flame something I knew I had to share with those around me.

Though when moving to the Western Cape with my family at the age of 13 I felt my dreams of owning a game farm, being a conservationist and sharing my passion for big game with others shattered. I found myself in a environment I knew nothing of Fynbos and issues around Alien vegetation were foreign to me, game farms did not exist and city nature reserve offered sanctuary from the urban sprawl to frightened animals.

Though through applying myself through High School, Scouting and University I was able to contribute to various organisations, NGO’s, projects and events based around environmental education, social upliftment and capacity building from the age of 14. Through volunteering my time where possible and learning from others I was able to not only grow as a individual but come to meet influential businessmen, leaders in their fields, academics and normal down to earth individuals, who I am pleased to say have become my mentors and friends over the years. Not only have they shaped my life, but have provided me with insight and knowledge broadening my understanding of the problems we are faced with today regarding society, sociology and conservation globally as well as locally.

I have been asked what happened to the 7 year old boy who wanted a game farm and to protect animals, well truthfully that boy is still there dreaming of the next project and expedition. Though as many of us are told that one day we will grow up and have responsibility, well my dream of being a game ranger changed as I grew up. With a better understanding of ecosystems, environmental affairs, educational methods and needs within the conservation industry my dream of a game farm turned into the vessel and tool now called explore4knowledge®, e4k® – Education Through Adventure®.

I have found that the need for conservation in some instances is not purchasing land, fencing animals in and protecting vanishing species. Instead I see the importance and need for the understanding of holistic systems, community based conservation initiatives and connectivity through all industries for a common goal. So this is part of my vision and mission with e4k® to enable individuals from varying back grounds, social standings and educations to all learn from one another about the use and importance of holistic ecosystems.

So in welcoming you to explore4knowledge®, a life time of adventure for the education of the current and next generation, I thank God for the opportunity to share my passion and learn from you all.

Work in the Field

I have had the privilege of working in the field across Southern Africa since 2006.

From volunteering at city based reserves, assisting NGO’s with projects, partaking in game capture and relocation operations in the Kalahari and in 2012-2013 spending a year as a research team member in the Sub-Antarctic.

I have been fortunate in being able to not only work under with teams on ground breaking projects, learn from world renowned scientists and conservationists as well as sit and listen too stories told by bushmen and others around african camp fires.

If I was to thank all the reserves, NGO’s and organisations I have worked with it would be a long list but I want to mention and personally thank Tswalu Kalahari Reserve for sharing your passion and visions with me, hosting me since 2007 in the field.

Please follow the link below to my full CV or follow my work as Founder of explore4knowledge under the relevant tab.

John Lucas – CV

Brand Ambassadorship

  • WWF South Africa
  • Cape Union Mart | K-Way South Africa
  • Orms Pro Photo
  • Suunto South Africa
  • Power Traveler

Networking Partner

  • WWF South Africa
  • Pick n Pay School Club
  • Polar Bear International
  • International Rivers


Over the years my work in the field has not only provided me with the unique opportunity to work with various brands in a research and development capacity, but has also enabled me to promote the amazing work being done in the field by outdoor brands, organisations and NGO’s.

I am a proud brand ambassador for the following brands:
^Cape Union Mart | K-Way South Africa
^Suunto Watches
^Orms Photographic
^Power Traveler

Network Partner

Since 2004 John has been volunteering his time with various organisations in the field of educations, social upliftment and conservation. In addition to his time, John now also shares his expertise in assisting with projects managed both by the organisations as well as inviting them to join explore4knowledge expeditions, providing organisations with a platform to showcase their work alongside his. It is a great honor to be recognized by many of these organisations as a networking partner as well as a brand ambassador.


I never expected any recognition for my work, projects and pursuing my vision too create explore4knowledge. Though I would like to thank the amazing organisations that have honored me with awards in innovation, communication and outreach, science and technology, conservation and youth development your generosity has not only given my work credibility but assured that our work can continue.

I also thank you for always extending the invitations to Talita and I, it is an honor to receive awards alongside my life partner.

Membership | Fellowship

In addition to national and international awards, media exposure and recognition for my work in the field, I have been honored by receiving invitations of membership to international organisations. These organistation not only pride themselves on promoting exploration and the pursuit of scientific and geographic excellence, but also pride themselves on educating and uplifiting the future generations and promoting innovation and free thinking across various disciplines.

The explore4knowledge® Flag

The explore4knowledge® Flag is an item shared with friends and ambassadors traveling on unique expeditions, aimed at raising awearness around climate change, conservation and humanitarian issues. Of our friends in the field have included explorers Braam Malherbe, Peter van Kets, Alex Haris; documentary photographer Dylan Haskins and founder of explore4knowledge John Lucas.

Locations and expeditions include The Empty Quarter, Himalayas, Across the African Continent, South Pole, Antarctica as part of the 100th anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott and Roald Amundsen’s epic journeys in 1911/12 among others.