What started at the age of 7, as a child like fascination with a old "point and shoot" film camera has grown in leaps and bounds. From learning too shoot with my father Canon A1 35mm in the Kruger National Park, to exploring Southern Africa and the Sub-Antarctic with my Canon DSLR my love for capturing the moment has lead me to inspiring others too do so as well. Through talks and workshops with my photographic partners Orms Pro Photo and Canon to name a few I have been privileged to share the "Joy of Amateur Photography" with many.

I also enjoy capturing Wildlife, Landscape and Expedition Photography and have had the privilege off shooting for some lodges, conservation organisations and NGO's across Africa.

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I have been presenting workshops both practical and theoretical around the use of cameras in a amateur setting.
Not only have I been sharing tips of how to best use your camera but also assisting various individuals with gear selection for projects and expeditions, as well as first time buyers on what gear to purchase and where to purchase it.
Feel free to contact me to book a session or talk for your school or photographic society.

  • Talks - Joy Of Amateur Photography
  • One-on-One How To sessions
  • School Talks | Photographic Societies
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Contract Work

I have been fortunate enough to work across Southern Africa and the Sub-Antarctic, not only capturing amazing landscapes but also working with amazing lodges, conservation organisations and NGO's.
Through my lens I have been able to document work at the forefront of conservation as research teams work to save vanishing species, as well as capture the luxury of an African Safari as the sun sets over the Namib Desert and rises over the Zambian Woodlands.
Feel Free to contact us for photographic and film production related projects.

  • Lodge Photography
  • Expedition Photography
  • Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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